I'm Jeff Kolesnikowicz


I’m a senior software architect at Allied Health Media. I built SimuCase, a virtual case training tool that gives student speech therapists experience with clients — before they encounter their first client. The site is built with HTML5, PHP and a whole lot of javascript.


I occasionally blog and give talks at conferences. In my spare time, I build my own websites. I like durable products, aquarium t-shirts, and switching file formats. I also host a podcast about programmers called Your Method.


I’m looking to volunteer with an ocean based NGO. Sound like a match? Contact me.


I love building things. I spent hours in the basement on a commodore-64, the only computer I had growing up, coding, learning and hacking. That turned into building websites – PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby, and Perl on the back-end, JQuery and Prototype on the front and Meteor somewhere in the middle. I’ve been building websites for over a decade and a half now. Building things like CMS tools, training tools, consumer websites and enterprise software. When I tell my parents what I do for a living, I say “I make websites work”.

I also get asked what technologies I work with, so here’s a non-exhaustive list of languages and frameworks: PHP (Zend Framework, CakePHP, Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter), Javascript (jQuery, Prototype, Meteor), Perl, Java (Hibernate, JSF) and ASP.Net. I also work extensively with databases including mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres SQL, Microsoft Access and Oracle.

My resume is available.

I have a passion for the ocean. I’m a diver and have dived coral reefs around the world. I’m interested in the intersection of technology and conservation.

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